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Beyond Introversion

We flourish by building strong roots

Welcome to Beyond Introversion

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Presented by Steve Friedman
Author of
How to Lead and Thrive with Confidence


the Award-Winning memoir
An Introvert's Story

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It's not about changing ourselves, it's about being ourselves.


At Beyond Introversion, we explore our roots, our talents and strengths,

in order to build strong branches to support a flourishing canopy.

It's time to feel confident about our authentic selves, and get our unique voices into the room.

It's time to go

Beyond Introversion!

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The Corporate Introvert

I'm thrilled to receive AMI's Indie Book Award for the best Non-Fiction book of 2022!

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It's an honor to be recognized by this fine organization dedicated to supporting independent authors around the world.

The Corporate Introvert grew from my own challenges and triumphs during 30 years in the energy industry. After retiring, it has been my mission to share tips and strategies to help others within "the hidden half" to navigate obstacles and live and work as their own true and authentic selves.

There are many ways to approach the dreaded meetings, networking, and leadership moments by leaning on your own strengths and comforts rather than trying to replicate the approaches of others.

The Corporate Introvert provides the tips, strategies, and motivation to succeed your way!

Pick up an eBook, paperback, or hardback copy for yourself, your reserved friends and family, and your extroverted boss at https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09HQ562YC/

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