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Aspects in Art


Aspects in Art


Our August art piece presents a beautiful, thought-provoking image both in its construction and in its message.

As another day goes by, she is alone on her little piece of paradise on the beach while sipping her favorite tropical drink from a coconut shell.  Perhaps she is just taking a bit of time for herself amidst a busy family vacation.

A closer look reveals the individual pieces in detail.  The sunset is made entirely out of torn magazine images.  Her hat and bracelet adorn beaded embellishments, and her skin is made from magazine images that have been bronzed using pastels.

Sipply lady on the beach.JPG


Aspects in Art


This magnificent piece of art may depict the end of a day complete with thoughts, love, and surprising successes, or perhaps a tinge of disappointments.  Or maybe this picture represents a dawn of another day filled with exciting new possibilities...

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