“The road to authenticity is often upstream. Steve swims it, in spite of the currents.”

Norma T. Hollis

America’s Leading Authenticity Expert and author of 

Ten Steps to Authenticity and Blueprint for Engagement: Authentic Leadership


"After a brutal evening trying to network amongst a conference hall of strangers, I wrote an email to my wife Jennifer: “It zapped my energy just trying to maintain such a façade. I describe myself lately as puny, timid, socially regressive - basically fragile. I’ve never prided myself as a social butterfly. But lately, I feel more like a social wallflower, unable to hold even basic conversations let alone strike up a discussion of any depth.

Realizing the depressed tone of my letter and not wanting to scare Jennifer from halfway around the world, I tried to reassure her: “However, I must emphasize, I’m okay. I’m not going off the deep end.” But in reality, I felt like I was. In the pit of my stomach, I was scared. I felt like I was losing my use of basic logic and communication skills. I was overcome by fear every day: of people, of losing, of speaking, of being quiet, of not providing, of not being enough, of not being courageous."

Are you shy, reserved, introverted? Are you frustrated by forced socializing? Do you feel you have to pretend to be someone else?

In the award-winning memoir, In Search of Courage: An Introvert’s Story, author Steve Friedman shares his struggles both at work and at home. His long path to overcome countless roadblocks is both "heart-wrenching and heartbreaking."



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In Search of Courage

Wallflowers of the world will rejoice upon reading Steve Friedman's account of his journey.

In Search of Courage: An Introvert’s Story, is a well-needed book that really goes into depth about being introverted, the feelings involved, and how society views and treats introverts. The stories in this book go from heart-wrenching to heartwarming.

As an introvert myself, I can certainly relate. I cannot imagine how scary it must have been for the author to share so much of himself with the world but I think the fact that he has, proves that he has found the courage that he was in search of. Perhaps this book will help others to do the same!


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