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Introvert Leadership Report

I had a great time demystifying introvert stereotypes and sharing introvert strengths with Teresa at Workplace Perspectives.
Thanks for taking our Introvert Leadership Quiz.  Here's how to interpret your score and           about your level:
Well developed leadership talent            90+
Practice using your strengths                 70-89
Learn more about your strengths           50-69
Learn more about your introversion        0-49

Top 12 Tips for Introverts at Work

  1. Be Authentic: You can't work and lead like an extrovert.  Know your strengths, share your introversion, and proudly lead your way - it's the only way!  

  2. Use Your Superpowers: All introverts are different but many rely on preparation, listening, thoughtfulness, and creativity.  Learn your strengths, practice them, and lean on them.  Strength survey

  3. Protect Your Time: Own your time by actively managing your calendar and planner.  It will help you manage priorities and stay in control which is so soothing to most introverts.  

  4. Re-energize During the Day: Monitor your energy level.  Don't wait until the end of the day to re-energize.  Take a walk, grab a lunch alone, provide breaks between stressful meetings.  

  5. Patience is a Virtue: Your best decisions happen when you slow down.  Multi-tasking favors quantity over quality.  Take your time and your best work and more relaxed attitude will shine through.  

  6. Meetings Your Way: You don't have to be the loudest in the room.  Listen and observe.  Prepare your points and questions.  Meet one-on-one in advance to build rapport and diffuse issues.  

  7. Network Piecemeal: It's not all about big cocktail parties with strangers.  Schedule one-on-one casual meetings or coffees.  Prepare your questions and points to share.  One at a time... 

  8. Recognition Both Ways: Introverts thrive on recognition.  It calms your mind and validates your expertise.  Seek recognition and be sure to offer constructive feedback to others.  

  9. Manage Upward: A positive, interactive relation with your manager is critical.  Seek common ground and agreed levels of interaction.  Be vulnerable.  Share your introversion.  

  10. Complementary Team Forming: Surround yourself with diversity of experience, gender, ethnicity, background and personality (introverts & extroverts) to provide a strong, balanced team.  

  11. Mentor Others: What a great way to give back.  You will also learn a lot when you share wisdom and teach others.  It's a special gift to mentor less developed introverts through the chaos.  

  12. Grow & Stretch: Don't stand still.  Stretch yourself toward change and new challenges, but do so compassionately.  The joy is in the journey, not necessarily in the final destination.  

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