"After a brutal evening trying to network amongst a conference hall of strangers, I wrote an email to my wife Jennifer: “It zapped my energy just trying to maintain such a façade. I describe myself lately as puny, timid, socially regressive - basically fragile. I’ve never prided myself as a social butterfly. But lately, I feel more like a social wallflower, unable to hold even basic conversations let alone strike up a discussion of any depth.

Realizing the depressed tone of my letter and not wanting to scare Jennifer from halfway around the world, I tried to reassure her: “However, I must emphasize, I’m okay. I’m not going off the deep end.” But in reality, I felt like I was. In the pit of my stomach, I was scared. I felt like I was losing my use of basic logic and communication skills. I was overcome by fear every day: of people, of losing, of speaking, of being quiet, of not providing, of not being enough, of not being courageous."

Are you shy, reserved, introverted? Are you frustrated by forced socializing? Do you feel you have to pretend to be someone else?

In the award-winning memoir, In Search of Courage: An Introvert’s Story, author Steve Friedman shares his struggles both at work and at home. His long path to overcome countless roadblocks is both "heart-wrenching and heartbreaking."




Steve Friedman

Steve Friedman grew up in a loving home of six in Birmingham, Alabama.  At age 11, Friedman and his best friend wrote and published the lone edition of The Belle Meade News, an 8-page newsletter featuring neighborhood blurbs.  It was a strange way for two kids to spend their summer vacation, but they "rented out"  three copies for a quarter each and were pretty pleased with themselves.

While most of Friedman’s career was in Oil & Product Trading and Scheduling in Houston, he also led distribution teams in Detroit and global Trading in London.  During his time overseas, Friedman guided a large, diverse team scattered around the world.  This provided an exciting back drop of amazing travel experiences.  However, many of these jobs also conflicted with his introverted personality, posing personal struggles along the way.

As retirement approached, Friedman felt drawn to reconnect to his writing. This became his vehicle for raw self-discovery and now he shares his reflections in BEYOND INTROVERSION. 

Friedman is excited to complete his memoir, In Search of Courage, for launch early in 2020.

Steve met his love, Jennifer, in Houston.  Together, they have raised three amazing children, Gwendolyn, Madolyn, and Noah.  They have all traveled the world and enjoy time hanging around the house.




Steve Friedman 

Houston, Texas USA


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I share my personal journey including my debut memoir, In Search of Courage, as well as my message of strength and hope to the introvert community with my interview on Indie Beacon Radio. 

NFAA features my guest blog on the Nonfiction Authors Association website, presenting  Marketing Tips for Introverted Writers

I am proud to have two of my most popular blogs, 10 Survival Tips for Introverted Leaders and Job Search Tips for Introverts, published in Introvert, Dear, the nation's leading online home for introverts.

On March 26 I was proud to join other amazing authors at the Online Book Festival.  I shared my personal journey as an introvert and presented my book, In Search of Courage.

I joined Linda Thompson on The Authors Show for an engaging conversation about my story and mission.

I'm honored to be a guest blogger on Mari McCarthy's Journaling Power Blog at The blog shares so many wonderful stories about the power of journaling. I share An Introvert's Confidante. Check it out here#JustWriteON 



On August 5, 2020 I was joined by three highly acclaimed local authors as I officially launched by book, In Search of Courage: An Introvert's Story.  We all joined in for an hour of inspirational readings and audience Q&A.  So much fun!

On August  10, 2020 I join the Author Talk crew for a fun 30 minutes sharing my story and mission to help introverts embrace our true self.  Find us LIVE here

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