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The Corporate Introvert

How to Lead and Thrive with Confidence

The Corporate Introvert empowers introverts in their quest to lead and thrive in a corporate environment.


All too often, introverts feel belittled by the need to conform to a more outgoing, spontaneous culture found at most corporate workplaces. They are compelled to conform by donning a more extroverted mask at work and then return home exhausted and unsatisfied. 


This book incorporates the analogy of a tree in our journey. We often gaze at the strength and beauty of the tree, yet its structure begins with a strong root system which, when nourished, supports sturdy and expansive branches. If the tree is in a healthy environment, it blossoms and shares its seedlings to form the next generation of trees.

The Corporate Introvert is composed of four sections, each packed with stories and models to guide you to apply your authenticity and build your confidence to flourish at work.

  • Section I -   Building Your Roots: exploring your strengths, values, and mindset so you can grow and succeed with confidence

  • Section II-   Flexing Your Branches: applying your strengths to convert uncertainty, communications, meetings, and networking from your struggle to your strength

  • Section III-  Reaching for the Sky: cultivating the right work environment

  • Section IV-  Blossoming Leader: harnessing your authenticity and confidence to lead your way

The Corporate Introvert will be available for pre-orders in September and full release in paperback, hardback, and e-book on October 6th.

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The UPLifting Guidebook Project

For parents of newborn babies with Down syndrome, there are countless resources to answer questions and pave a path through childhood and schooling.

However, adults with Down syndrome and their families and caregivers are searching for guidance, options, and clear steps to support their full life journey. 

The UPLifting Guidebook will provide moving stories, proven answers, and succinct advice to pave the path toward independence for all.

Look for The UPLifting Guidebook on bookshelves and online in 2022!

In the meantime, you can get updates and excerpts on my Beyond Down Syndrome website.  Subscribe today!