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Aim High. Dream Big. Catch Those Dreams!

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

7 Tips to Capture Our Dreams

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Life is all about aiming high. We all should dream. But how do we catch those dreams? How do we make those dreams reality? Here's 7 tips for pursuing your dreams which I apply to my upcoming Kilimanjaro trek with my daughter Maddie.

L-R: 1-Steve donning my new hiking boots & stylish (?) compression stockings, sharing my debut book, In Search of Courage, and my latest read from Jeff Alt, Walking with Sunshine, an inspirational story of his 2,160 mile charity hike of the Appalachian Trail; 2-Kilimanjaro calling us; 3-Maddie breaking in her new boots!

This past week marked six months before our August trek up Kili and nearby safari will come to a close. This has been a dream of mine since 2007! Dreams come in many shapes and sizes: health & wellness, relationships and families, jobs or hobbies, financial freedom... Dreams vary widely, but I've found 7 keys to making dreams come true:

  1. DREAM BIG: we don't often get a second chance to pursue our biggest dreams, so aim high!

  2. IDENTIFY MAIN OBJECTIVES: what will evoke accomplishment, success, and pride?

  3. NARROW: it may be necessary to narrow our dreams based on resources (time, money, health or capabilities). But be sure to preserve the main objectives, even if you have to make sacrifices elsewhere. There's rarely much glory in accomplishing a dream that has become so watered down that it really is no longer a dream at all.

  4. UNDERSTAND KEYS TO SUCCESS: so how do we accomplish this dream? Do we need to save money, do we need to get in better shape, do we need to put tasks on our calendars?

  5. DEVELOP A ROADMAP: take those keys and break them down into small, doable steps. Then put them on your calendar, on your todo list, or in your planner. It's a lot easier to accomplish a dozen small tasks than one big dream.

  6. SHARE: share your dream and plans with others. This not only builds accountability for you, but your enthusiasm can inspire others, and their support can inspire you!

  7. CAPTURE: dreams like these don't happen every day. they will become your MAGIC MOMENTS (see our December 30 blog) that dot your life and are emblazoned in your memory. So be sure to take pictures, journal about your experience, and preserve your memories.

Whether you are aiming to climb a mountain, write a book, improve your health, or move to a Caribbean island, I hope these steps can help lead the way! Share your dreams, successes, and additions to our list through your comments or via our Beyond Introversion Facebook Group. We'd love to hear from you!



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