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Updated: Jan 8

Building Confidence, Job Happiness, Speaking Out, Writing Your Book, Life Stages, and More...

Once you finally discover the thread of introversion that crosses all aspects of your life - your self-confidence, your job, your relationships - you can begin to explore your natural strengths and embrace your introversion.

This week I share links to our most popular blogs on a variety of important subjects. Each is packed with relatable stories and impactful insights that can make a difference in how you approach life's challenges!

<Top 5

These are some of the most popular and especially impactful posts. Change your own perspective of introversion. Be equipped to advocate for yourself and teach others the facts of introversion.


Life Cycle>

Several of my blogs explore the unique challenges during various phases of our life: from childhood to teenage years, college years, and as we age.

Great for parents, kids, siblings, and teachers!


<Building Confidence

Having low self-esteem is not a given amongst introverts. Yet it is common for those who have lacked a strong support system during their childhood and adolescent years. These posts focus on mechanisms to rebuild our self-confidence.


Speaking Out>

The myth that introverts are anti-social or can't communicate is so pervasive in today's society that many introverts themselves accept it. But this is not a given. We are interesting and have the talent and ambition to speak out, we just need to do it our way!


<Workplace Success

Despite the fact about half the workforce are introverts, most work cultures are quite extroverted. This can be intimidating and debilitating. We often wear a mask at work to try to conform to the standards, only to sacrifice our health and wellbeing. But it doesn't have to be that way.


Changing Jobs>

Whether new in the workforce, looking to find a better match for your talents, or seeking greater opportunities, introverts benefit from leaning on their own strengths to have a successful job transition.


<Writing Tips

Many introverts find writing very satisfying and relaxing. Whether you are journaling for yourself or writing a memoir, romance novel, or how-to book, I share my tips and cautions for writing, publishing, and marketing here.


More Resources>

Once we connect with our own introversion, finding informative resources can be a game-changer. These blogs are packed with trusted books, podcasts, and other ideas to expand your knowledge and accelerate your journey.


These 8 categories represent the many phases and stages of our lives.

At Beyond Introversion, we don't advocate to change ourselves but to be ourselves.