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Rekindling magic with my daughter Gwendolyn

When I grew up in the '80s, I got hooked on Columbia Record & Tape. I was a member over-and-over again, a cheap way to build a large library of tapes throughout the decade. So I'm stuck in the '70s and '80s. My all time favorites include Talking Heads, The Who, Eagles, Boston, Queen, The Kinks, Ray Charles, and a bit of Tom Petty and Paul Simon.

So when I got my first job and moved to Houston, I was overjoyed to join the classic rock concert scene (though I don't think they felt the need to label it "classic" back then). I was fortunate to see some amazing bands during the last years of their heyday...Grateful Dead drunk with my sister Renee in Dallas and The Who and Rolling Stones with Chris in Houston. They were all awesome but The Who remains one of my very favorite. I think I might appreciate Kenny G a bit more these days, but I barely survived accompanying my friend Don at a concert in Houston. Though I didn't see ZZ Top until around 2010, I add it to this list in tribute to my hometown friend Lee, who remains CRAZY for the bearded band!

As time moved on and my favorite bands faded, we only rarely caught up with the Doobies, Billy Joel, Chicago, and a few others at amphitheaters in town.

But in the 2010's, our oldest daughter Gwendolyn's love of the Disney Channel shows crossed over as she became an avid music lover. She began listening to music constantly. So in 2014, I introduced her (and 11-year old brother Noah) to the concert scene. (Un)fortunately, her first concert was a re-,re-incarnation of Hannah Montana as Miley Cyrus during her Bangerz Tour. For those that missed this incredible tour, she was definitely NO Hannah Montana. Once Noah's phone battery died and he looked up mid-way through the concert, he said "we should go. This is not right." Miley Cyrus was jumping around the stage half naked, throwing out every four-letter word in the book, straddling guys and girls alike, and nearly having sex on a bed half the size of the stage. But Gwendolyn was not phased by all the eccentricities, she just loved the music. So she stood up nearly the entire concert, dancing and singing with her eyes squeezed closed and her fists pumping in the air. It was amazing! I had as good a time as she did just watching her find a new love...concerts!

With Gwendolyn hooked, she and I also caught One Direction, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas, and Katy Perry. The family joined us for Queen with Adam Lambert and PINK the last couple of years, partly to enjoy the party and also to checkout Gwendolyn's performance!

Personally, I could have skipped One Direction and Demi Lovato, but Katy Perry had the wildest costumes and PINK put on the best show, fearlessly flying all over the arena.

Gwendolyn and I have just booked a return to the concert circuit with Sara Bareilles this winter. I don't know any of her songs, but I'm sure I'll enjoy Gwen's performance!

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