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Your Most Important Investment for 2021

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

12 Ways to Enrich Your Year

Our Week to Shine! - A World Introvert Day Special

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Today is World Introvert Day. People the world over are celebrating the magical gifts and talents of being an introvert. Unfortunately, most introverts are still stuck, either unaware or uninformed about what those gifts really are, not to mention how to use them. 2021 can be the year for you to accelerate your journey.

Your Most Important Investment for 2021 is YOU!

It is also that time of year again for millions of Americans to make New Year's resolutions. We promise to lose weight, get in shape, save money, spark up that relationship, or get that promotion at work.

Do yourself a favor and stop the nonsense. 92% of New Year's resolutions fail, 75% before even February 1st!

The end result is a dejected sense of failure despite the determination coaxed on by a glass of champagne in hand as the clock approached midnight on New Year's Eve.

Instead, make your most important investment for 2021. What could that be? Are you ready? Invest in...yourself! So how is this different from the other resolutions? No, don't buy another treadmill, a sharp suit, or a gorgeous dress. You have to dig a little deeper for a meaningful goal. We need to invest in your own well-being and, most importantly, spend only a half hour and start today.

We are all on our journey to become our best selves, but this doesn't happen without a conscious effort to learn and grow.

At the beginning of our week celebrating World Introvert Day, my video described that introversion is not a state of being, but a journey that we take starting in our youth, from Unaware to Uninformed to Enlightenment, until reaching personal Contentment with some stretching to Ambition thereafter.

For many this an agonizingly slow process of discovery. I lagged in the Unaware phase until I was in my early 20s and was Uninformed until my late 40s. Once I connected with introversion, my intense curiosity helped me cruise through Enlightenment and find the Contentment I'd been seeking all my life. Lately, my newfound confidence has paired with my dogged determination to become an Ambitious introvert, stretching my comfort zone to bring me further joy.

Many readers have share a similar story and common frustration that it takes so long to get through the first two stages to finally start to embrace themselves. Then more years pile on to establish the confidence and fulfillment that has escaped us for so long.

What can we do to accelerate that timeline, to advance our own enlightenment?

Invest in yourself! Make a commitment to advance your own self-discovery in 2021. Neh, do more than commit, begin! Make the investment today!

Since you are reading this article, you are likely not Unaware of your introversion. For those still feeling a bit uninformed about introversion, start by reading Susan Cain's Quiet, check out more introversion resources on my website, or peruse my blogs. Here are five that may be particularly helpful in your learning journey:

We can continue to learn and stretch in wonderful ways to expand our comfort zone, grow our confidence, and enrich our lives without the shackles we've worn for decades. Here are 12 ways to enrich your year:

  1. Signup for Norma Hollis' Authenticity Class (see more here).

  2. Become an expert at something unique. Everyone studies WWII. Try WWI or the War of 1812.

  3. Explore your passions through new hobbies that build energy and confidence.

  4. Journal Regularly (see Mari McCarthy's Journaling Power book for great tips).

  5. Learn Meditation or go to a Meditation Retreat.

  6. Write your memoir. You will learn so much about yourself through the process.

  7. Explore Secular Buddhism, a non-religious approach to self-awareness.

  8. Learn about Self-Compassion (Kristin Neff's Self-Compassion or teachings of Dr. Karen Bluth) or Mindfulness (Gill Hasson's Mindfulness)

  9. Discover your Strengths. Start with our free, personalized Introvert Superpower Quiz here.

  10. Stretch your Comfort Zone by trying something adventurous.

  11. Teach something or someone; mentor younger introverts. What a great way to learn while helping others!

  12. Enlist a Therapist to sort out past issues and build self-esteem.

Regardless of which Phase of Introversion you are currently in, select one or two investments. Order the book, make the phone call, make the commitment for yourself today. These investments will last well beyond your long-forgotten resolutions and provide strong personal building block