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How Introvert Grads Win During COVID-19

Advice...whether you are job searching or starting a new job

Grads: Lean on Your Strengths

Introvert graduates take note: Now is the time to overcome your tendencies and utilize your strengths to find success, confidence, and tranquility.

Introverts tend to be creative, organized, calm, observant, determined, and caring listeners who build solid relationships through personal interaction. Being aware of these strengths, cultivating them, and leaning on them, especially in uncomfortable situations, is our superpower!

Whether you are a new graduate or in the process of changing jobs, these tips will enable introverts to navigate change, reap the rewards, and win during COVID-19.

Conclusion: These are tough times but introverts are well equipped to succeed. Not because we just love to be isolated at home, but because we are creative contributors, determined learners, caring team players, and resilient planners. Lean on these strengths and you will be prepared for whatever comes next.

NEXT WEEK: Guest blogger and award-winning author C. Hope Clark shares 4 great tips from her writing career that will help you become The Genuine Introvert!


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