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In Search of Courage!

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Introvert Inspiration & My Top 12 Indie Publishing Tips

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Oftentimes I feel like the guy in the glider. Floating around searching for a direction or place to go. But my journey over the past couple of years has finally landed me in a harmonious place. I'm so excited to share pieces with you every week and now, proudly announce the launch of my book, In Search of Courage, for March 31, 2020!

Steve Friedman's story provides inspiration for those who struggle with introversion, and empathy for the rest of us who work with and love them.

Friedman presents a story of his battles to cope with introversion from an early age. To combat the pressures of adolescence and corporate America, he adopts addictive behaviors that threaten his health and his family life. Friedman faces many forks in the road, often struggling to make the tough decisions to find peace and happiness. What would you do when faced with such adversity?

You will find yourself rooting for Friedman while also testing your own mettle. In Search of Courage is a fast read, but the lessons will inspire for years to come.

I'm so honored to receive such supportive testimonials from highly respected authors. Please check out their books too!

"While searching for personal courage, Steve Friedman transcends individual conflicts to explore themes of self-awareness and belonging. In the tradition of Maya Angelou, Richard Rodriguez, and Paul Monette, In Search of Courage illuminates, through a very personal lens, universal insights bright with wisdom and heart."

-Roger Leslie, PhD; Author of From Inspiration to Publication, My First Last Year, and Owner of Paradise Publishing House

"Kudos to Steve Friedman for sharing such a personal journey through the challenges of being an introvert in an extroverted world. As an introvert myself, I can relate to so many situations in his captivating book. This book will help others feel less alone in their own journeys."

-Stephanie Chandler, author of The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan and CEO of the Nonfiction Authors Association

"First-time author Steve Friedman shares his personal stories in such a way that we care for him while learning about ourselves. It was almost as if I could feel his pain, anxiety, and sadness as he endured each struggle. I couldn’t stop reading to find out the next roadblock he faced along his journey and how he coped with it. Well done!"

-Mike Kowis, Esq., tax attorney, professor, and award-winning author


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Top 10 Indie Publishing Tips

When I started writing again in 2018, I never pondered the publishing path that lay ahead. But this past summer I had the opportunity to consider a hybrid offer or my own self-publishing path. Though gracious for the offer, I opted to go Indie, partly to maintain full control, but largely because I thought I'd like the activity. As