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Over 50 inspirational books, podcasts, and services for introverts, writers, and avid readers

On this Labor Day week, I want to recognize so many people that have contributed to my labor of love!

My writing started out as a period of self-discovery. But my greatest treat has been the opportunity to connect with such amazing people, including other introverts around the world and a wide variety of creatives.

This week I'm excited to dedicate this blog to connecting my audience with those talented writers, educators, podcasters, and publishing & marketing services that have stood out as awesome resources for me along the way.

Some of these people have helped pave my path - endorsing my book, offering me a forum on their blog or podcast, and selflessly offering their advice and guidance on my Indie publishing path. Others have unknowingly affected my journey through their own memoirs, personal development writing, and perspectives on introversion. I thank them all.

I've created a new Resource Page on my website, filled with brief descriptions and links to all these resources. There are lots of great books and other resources out there for introverts, writers, and avid readers. I've road-tested each of these resources and proudly recommend them for your own journey.

Certainly, this Labor Day week my recognition would not be complete without toasting my awesome family. They continue to provide me with the inspiration, motivation, and isolation to explore my writing mission. I wouldn't want to be in pandemic lockdown with anyone else!

Thank you all!


Check out my 15 minutes of fame as I share some impactful stories and background, and then answer a few questions at our Prose with the Pros event!


I'm excited to welcome Jacqueline Jeynes as our guest blogger next week. Jacqueline is an award-winning nonfiction author who shares her unique perspective on how the skills of introverts often make for great writers.


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