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Updated: Jan 8, 2022

What Drives Her? What's Her Leadership Style? How Does She Relax? How Does She Engage with Introverts?

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I'm excited to introduce our October Guest Blogger to Beyond Introversion. I hope to bring various perspectives to our blog that expand our own thinking and help us to cope and thrive as introverts. So this month Renee Friedman joins us. She is my sister, an amazing, resilient, caring person. And she is a EXTROVERT extraordinaire!

Renee Friedman...wife, mother, business owner, philanthropist, and extrovert extraordinaire!

Throughout our Q&A discussion, it became obvious that we are both quite different but also have similar challenges, we just may go about tackling them in different ways. One thing that is certain is that in these days of polarization, the more we understand each other, the easier we can accept other views and strengthen ourselves.

Renee lives in Orlando, Florida. She is married to Richard Goldstein. Her lovely daughter, Haley, is at the University of Georgia and her step-son, Jake, is at Berklee College of Music. Renee is Owner/CEO of the FASTSIGNS® of Orlando, FL - Central store.

> INTROVERTS EVERYWHERE WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE AN EXTROVERT. Being an extrovert is fun and exciting! I love meeting new people and creating special relationships. It's fun to walk into an event or gathering and have people to chat with.

> HOW DO YOU SATISFY YOUR NEED FOR SOCIALIZING? My job is very social. I get a big mix of employee, customer, vendor, and peer interaction every day. In addition to that, I go to all kinds of networking events, speakers, and other planned meetings. When I'm not doing that, I plan brunch, chat on the phone, invite friends over, go to dinners, etc.

> WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU WANT TO WIND DOWN? I love to watch chick TV, hang out by or in the pool, rock in my rocking chair, playing mahjongg, and kayaking on the lake as well as getting my nails done or hair washed. I love to Facebook and play a couple of games on my phone.

> COULD YOU HANG OUT ALL WEEKEND AT HOME? Not all weekend. I like to hang out Friday night with my hubby. By Saturday evening, we are either cooking out or going out to dinner to meet friends and often have people over Sunday for brunch or to swim. Being an extrovert also means a lot of friends will call to do things too.

> DO YOU LIKE TO READ BOOKS? I used to but now I play games on my phone instead.

Renee Friedman and husband Richard Goldstein celebrate a set of business performance awards.

Renee and the Orlando Central FASTSIGNS® team.

> YOU ARE A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OWNER AND STORE MANAGER. WHAT DRIVES YOU? I'm driven by an intense need to succeed, perhaps given I'm a middle child. I'm actually a bit shy and insecure, so I'm driven to overcome and feel good about myself. I go all in and am very persistent. I don't give up easily and believe hard work pays off. I believe in people and their abilities. Lazy people and bad attitudes make me crazy!

> WHAT IS YOUR ENGAGEMENT STYLE WITH STAFF? My style is enthusiastic, energetic, and casual.I am very engaged. I am casual and easy to approach. I do want other's input and opinions. I do not want to micromanage.

> WHAT'S THE FAVORITE PART OF YOUR JOB? I love helping people and solving problems. We help customers of all types with signage, printing, and graphic projects. I also love giving my team an opportunity to grow and make a good living for them and their family.

> HOW DO YOU LEVERAGE YOUR ENGAGEMENT SKILLS OUTSIDE WORK? I am always networking in a low key style. Everyone I meet is an opportunity for a new friend, and most people do need signage and printing of some kind.

Renee celebrated as a Champion of Orlando's Best Buddies, a program supporting the special need's community.

> I KNOW YOU DO A LOT OF COMMUNITY SERVICE. WHAT SPARKS THAT PASSION? When I was having a rough time during the Recession, some people really reached out to help me. As my business started to grow again, I wanted to give back to the community. We do a lot of In-Kind donations as well as financial Sponsorships.

> WHAT WOULD YOU WANT TO BE IF NOT A FASTSIGNS® OWNER? I've always wanted to be a stand up comedian. I think I'm funny and I love to talk. But you might be surprised to learn that I am very anxious in front of people, especially large crowds!

> HOW DO YOU RELATE TO INTROVERTS? For the most part, the people around me are more extroverted. The kind of business I'm in lends itself to having outgoing people on the sales team and fast-paced, energetic people in graphics and production.

My husband is more introverted and some customers are too. I have to really slow down to relate to introverts. I don't "get" where they're coming from! My husband actually thinks about what he says before responding! That frustrates me sometimes. But I see the benefits and I'm learning to think about decisions more. I have to back off some and slow down my energy level too.