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Resources for Introverts: Books, Podcasts, Blogs, and more

Fantastic Free Resources from our Worldwide Community

For my final posting of 2022, I wanted to take this opportunity to share a plethora of resources from the worldwide introvert community. I've been fortunate to work with and get to know many of these people. Their talents and passions are immeasurable. Whether you are looking for a quick read, an in-depth book, a podcast to listen to, or a coach to engage with, this is a great place to start.


The picture shares some of my favorite books in my introversion library. I would also recommend a few I downloaded recently which help redefine introversion: Peter Vogt's Introvert Manifesto, Heather Hall's Step Up and Stand Out: 20 Tips for Aspiring Introverted Leaders, and Nancy Yang's The Secret of a Social and Confident Introvert.

I'd like to highlight some more powerful reads:

  • Jennifer Kahnweiler's Creating Introvert-Friendly Workplaces and David Boroughs' The Extrovert's Guide are essential reads for extroverted leaders in the corporate world.

  • Dr. Kristin Neff's Self-Compassion and Brene Brown's Daring Greatly were game-changers for me. Though they don't speak specifically to introverts, they spoke to me and changed the dialog in my head!

  • Schachter-Shalomi & Miller's From Age-ing to Sage-ing redefines what it means to get a very positive light. An important read for all of us in our mid-life crisis.

  • Angela Duckworth's Grit speaks to all introverts...indirectly. It identifies the keys to success not as bombastic personalities or even intellect, but grit...the perseverance and passion to overcome obstacles and drive toward success. These are common strengths of many introverts. This book is a confidence booster!

You can read more about these books and authors, as well as many more on my website's Resources Page.


One of our most popular website features is the wide variety of guest bloggers over the past few years. Here are the 20 most popular guest blogs on topics including self-help, hobbies, parenting, social, and work, with a link to 5 minutes of inspiration:

Check out more guest blogs and all our 180+ blogs here.


I've been honored to be a guest on dozens of podcasts over the years, ranging from work and leadership to self-discovery and wellness. You can find a link to all my podcasts here. I wanted to highlight three in particular that are hosted. by introverts and focus on topics important to us all. I also am pleased to highlight the two most prominent introvert-focused websites and a monthly newsletter on everything introversion. Each can be an invaluable contribution to your journey.

Top row: The Quiet Warrior (Serena Low), Meredith for Real (Meredith Edwards), The Quiet and Strong (David Hall)

Check out these and many other podcasts, blogs, and websites on our Podcasts+ Page.


Over 2400 people have taken our Strength, Leadership, or Phases Quizzes. Each provides unique insights into who you are and how you can accelerate your own journey.




Phases of Introversion

What phase are you in and how can you accelerate toward Contentment and Flourishing?

Introvert Talent (Superpowers)

What are your greatest introvert strengths and how can you use them at work, at home, and socially?

Leadership Style

Are you applying your strengths to be an authentic and confident leader?

Each quiz is quick, free, confidential, and includes instant results with helpful, customized insights just for YOU!


Many of our guest bloggers and resources are also coaches and/or consultants specifically serving the introverted community. They get it! They understand the challenges we are dealing with every day, and more importantly, they know how to explore our strengths to succeed in our own authentic way. If you are needing some direction and guidance, consider checking these experts out:

You can learn a bit more from our Resources Page.


We are all in this together. Beyond Introversion is not just here to showcase my blogs and books, it is here to provide a wide variety of resources from our international community.

I hope you will check out the books, blogs, podcasts, quizzes, and coaches in this post, and stay tuned for more amazing resources in 2023!



I'll be taking the upcoming holiday week off, but will return on Wednesday, January 4th to share our plans for 2023.

As a sneak peek, many of us have established a foundation for self-discovery and learning. In 2023 we will dive deeper to create life-changing progress. Let's all "get out of our own way" and FLOURISH.


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