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Spelling Out Our I-N-T-R-O-V-E-R-S-I-O-N

PLUS Fantastic Free Resources from our Worldwide Community

Happy World Introvert Day 2023!

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In addition to recapping the many resources available for introverts in the sections below, I first want to spell out what introversion can mean for all of us:

I incorrect

so many are incorrect about introverts - who we are, our strengths, our contributions

N nervous

many of us are nervous, racked with low self-esteem until we discover our wonders

T time & space

introverts need time and space, to observe, to frame our thoughts, and then to share

R ready

when we come prepared to meetings and socials, we tend to be calm and confident

O observant

our observation and listening skills set us apart and enable a unique perspective

V valued

our strengths are different from bombastic extroverts - our thoughtfulness is needed

E energy-management

it's critical to monitor our energy and take breaks throughout the day to be our best

R reassurance

self-compassion: stop being your own bully and be your greatest cheerleader

S social intimacy

socialize in smaller, more familiar groups for shorter durations and leave when ready

I inquisitive

our curiosity in conversations helps us learn and relieve social pressures

O our way

we cannot succeed trying to replicate others; don't change yourself - be yourself

N not despite, but because

because of our strengths and talents, we can do amazing things. Let's get started!

Whether you are just starting your journey today, have made tremendous headway in the past, or are stuck, 2023 can be YOUR year. Start by discovering who you are and then exploring your amazing talents. This will build your skillset and confidence to find contentment and flourish in 2023.


I'm thrilled to be recognized by HushLoudly as an introvert to watch in 2023!