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Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Monday's Butterfly Quote:

I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free. -Charles Dickens

Steve's STORY: Vacation by the Numbers

We are finally back home after gallivanting along the East Coast for two weeks. By the numbers:

  • 199.9K Steps I logged during our two week trip.

  • 1,000 Miles driven.

  • 45 Minutes it took to find parking in Brooklyn…TWICE.

  • 16 Relatives with whom we shared stories and meals along the way!

  • 8 States visited plus DC.

Fresh cream with local strawberries frozen and rolled up in Philly. Delicious!

  • 5 Ice Cream visits, including fresh, rolled ice cream in Philly, scrumptious liquid nitrogen-frozen ice cream in VA, and Nutter’s huge portions for about $2.50 in WV.

  • 4 Amazing performances seen (my son’s vocal performance, my daughter’s off-Broadway show “A Strange Loop”, “Frozen”, and a new play at the Contemporary American Theater Festival, a summer stock event in WV.

  • 3 Universities toured as my son begins his college search.

  • 3 Amazing Art Galleries/Museums visited including Artec (DC), Philadelphia Museum of Art, and American Visionary Art Museum (Baltimore)

  • 2 BIG BUS tours during the heat wave – frying on the top in Philly and baking on the bottom in DC.

  • 1 Number of tumbles while running the streets of Philly, scraping up 1 knee, 1 elbow, and 1 cell phone (which thankfully took the worst of it).

  • 0 pieces of gum chewed. For those who know me, that's close to a miracle. My chewing gum addiction had reached 20 pieces a day. But after kicking so many habits over the past several years, I was determined to break this one as well...and besides, I forgot to stock up before the trip so I had a head start!

We made lots of memories and are exhausted. I’m quickly getting back into routines of exercise, writing, reading, and resting.

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