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What's Red and Tan and Transformational All Over?

Merlin the Miata

About to Climb in my Miata to Drive off the Lot

A couple of months ago, at 53, I bought a Mazda Miata. But to really appreciate it, you have to understand few things:

  1. Since my first car, a 1973 Ford Comet with a peeling roof and battery powered radio, to my latest car, a puke-green Honda Accord, my family and I have also had 2 Civics, another Accord, 3 Minivans, an SUV, a Mazda Protege, and a used Audi A4. So I haven't enjoyed a long line of sporty, fun cars. To date the most adventurous feature was either a sunroof or a remote control side mirror.

  2. I'm a very practical car buyer in most every way. I always subscribe to the Consumer Reports, but just for a few weeks while searching for the next car. This way I get the benefit of their research especially regarding safety and reliability, and I don't have to pay the full annual subscription cost. Practical or cheap? Perhaps just a bit of both.

  3. As an introvert, I think subconsciously I just didn't feel like I could pull off a car like a convertible Miata, not to mention a red car!

Classic pictures of my kids' first cars. I used to spin them around in circles on the driveway. Sometimes the cars needed a push, but they had great gas mileage...and they were red!

So I consider my new purchase a bit of a rite of passage. After being retired for nearly a year and leaving the pressures of corporate life behind for a more relaxed and introspective life of family and writing, I had come to grips a bit with each of the three items above.

  1. I'd always dreamt of driving a sports car. Nothing fancy like a Porsche, but a Miata, in fact. But for years I relegated myself to driving a bit too fast and reckless in my Accord or Protege. Not quite the same.

  2. While I did indeed check Consumer Reports once again, I felt that the relaxation of retirement begged for me to make different choices, perhaps those to enjoy life a bit more rather than battling the stress I'd sometimes barely endured the past few decades.

  3. And most of all, after a very reflective and satisfying year, I was finally embracing my introversion and moving a bit beyond the implied limitations of its traditional definition. So I convinced myself I was ready to climb inside a sports car and give it a go.

Once I finally took my first test drive with my son Noah by my side, I knew the time had come. And I drove home in my new red Miata with the top down, the radio up, and my feelings on high.

After three months tooling around town, I can say my Miata has been truly transformational. Now, I'm not exactly Tom Cruise in Risky Business, but the car provides a rush of bravado that one just can't get from a minivan. And I believe I've actually slowed down my speed on the road, more content to just enjoy the moment.

I joined the local Miata Club shortly after my purchase, excited by the prospect of cruising around the countryside in a train of Miata's. However, it didn't take me too long to realize the group focused on the inner workings of crank shafts and piston rings which I knew nothing about and, more importantly, that I really wasn't after any social connections. So as much as I'm enjoying my Miata every day, I'm still an introvert at heart!

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