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Recent Engagements:

It was a thrill to publish 10 Survival Tips for Introverted Leaders in the November 11, 2019 edition of Introvert, Dear, the nation's leading online home for introverts

Check out my new guest post on Introvert, Dear. I'm honored to share my thoughts regarding Job Search Tips for Introverts on one of the most popular blog sites for introverts worldwide.

Upcoming Engagements:

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I share my personal journey including my debut memoir, In Search of Courage, as well as my message of strength and hope to the introvert community via the Indie Beacon Radio this March.  Click the Indie Beacon Radio icon to watch our discussion.

I join Linda Thompson on The Authors Show to share my personal journey and new book.

NFAA features my guest blog on the Nonfiction Authors Association website, presenting  Marketing Tips for Introverted Writers

 I'm honored to be a guest blogger on Mari McCarthy's Journaling Power Blog at createwritenow.com. The blog shares so many wonderful stories about the power of journaling. I share 'An Introvert's Confidante'. Check it out here!


ON MARCH 26, I was proud to join other amazing authors at the Online Book Festival.  I shared my personal journey as an introvert and presented my book, In Search of Courage.

ON SEPTEMBER 23, I joined Teresa McQueen on the awesome Workplace Perspective podcast to chat about introversion in the workplace - how to cope with COVID over the long term and how to be a major factor in filling the growing leadership gap.


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