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The Corporate Introvert

These worksheets partner with your book to provide you with the opportunity to capture your thoughts as you travel the journey to authentic and impactful leadership.

Print or download each worksheet so you can answer questions, customize the worksheet, or make any notes. You may now access these worksheets anytime at:


Phases of Introversion

Ch 3

Your Values


Ch 6

Change Leader


Ch 9



Ch 12

The Leadership Gap


Ch 15

Culture Creator



Extroverted Leader's Guide

Ch 1

Introversion 101


Ch 4



Ch 7



Ch 10

Work   Relationships

Ch 13

Role Model


Ch 16

Team Coach



Book Club Guide


Ch 2

Your Strengths


Ch 5

Ambitions & Growth

Ch 8



Ch 11

Creating the Right Fit

Ch 14

Team Shaping


Ch 17

The Introvert's Manifesto

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