As retirement from corporate America approached in 2018, Steve Friedman reconnected with his teenage passion for writing. Friedman began to jot down personal stories and memories in his spare time. Two years later, he completed his memoir, In Search of Courage: An Introvert's Story. The process prompted him to recall experiences from his youth and throughout adulthood, but more importantly, to connect the dots of his life.


Friedman discovered the significant role that introversion played as a thread throughout his life. He recalled childhood moments that shattered his self-confidence and the painful vices he experimented with in order to cope with his insecurities. These only served to weaken his health, self-confidence, and leadership style.


However, as he completed his memoir in 2020, Friedman learned about himself and about introversion. His writing helped guide him through the pain and provided him with the courage to embrace his own introversion.


Friedman is now a champion for introversion. As he continues his own journey of self-discovery, he is honored to have the opportunity to engage with others through his website, weekly blog, and guest podcasts.

He is now combining his passion for writing, knowledge of introversion, and decades of corporate leadership to guide others through his book on leadership for introverts, due out later in 2021.


Steve hails from Texas and enjoys family time and travels with his wife and three kids.