Steve Friedman grew up in a loving home of six in Birmingham, Alabama.  At age 11, Friedman and his best friend wrote and published the lone edition of The Belle Meade News, an 8-page newsletter featuring neighborhood blurbs.  It was a strange way for two kids to spend their summer vacation, but they "rented out"  three copies for a quarter each and were pretty pleased with themselves.

While most of Friedman’s career was in Oil & Product Trading and Scheduling in Houston, he also led distribution teams in Detroit and global Trading in London.  During his time overseas, Friedman guided a large, diverse team scattered around the world.  This provided an exciting back drop of amazing travel experiences.  However, many of these jobs also conflicted with his introverted personality, posing personal struggles along the way.

As retirement approached, Friedman felt drawn to reconnect to his writing. This became his vehicle for raw self-discovery and now he shares his reflections in Beyond Introversion. 

Friedman is excited to complete his memoir, In Search of Courage, for launch early in 2020.

Steve met his love, Jennifer, in Houston.  Together, they have raised three amazing children, Gwendolyn, Madolyn, and Noah.  They have all traveled the world and enjoy time hanging around the house.


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