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Several are noted as book endorsers, guest bloggers on Beyond Introversion, Launch party readers, or Podcast/Blog/Speaking Host.  I thank them for the great opportunity to collaborate with such talented creatives.

I encourage you to check out their work below!



Book                               Guest Blogger

What a great read that shows how the other end of the equation - the companies and managers - can create an introvert-friendly workplace.

Jennifer Kahnweiler

Website                          Guest Blogger

Nele hosts the Global Introvert website and blog, sharing her amazing travel experiences and tips through an introvert's lens.

Nele Giese


The 21st Century book that started it all and revolutionized the way society, and especially introverts, think about introversion.  All reflection starts here.

Susan Cain


A 2012 classic book advocating introverts use their own strengths to find and exert their true self.

Sophia Dembling

Blog & Website

Our website is full of quizzes, resources, books, and weekly blogs for every introvert.  Check us out and subscribe today!

Beyond Introversion

Coach                            Guest Blogger

Scott is the Pres/CEO of Poised to Speak, a company that walks with introverts and quiet souls as they learn to “unmute” their inner voice.

Scott Donnelly

Book                               Podcast Host

Full of amazing workplace tips for every introvert.

Thea Orozco

Book                               Guest Blogger

Great structure for introvert leaders with her 4Ps Process:  prepare, presence, push, and practice.  A handbook for all working introverts.

Jennifer Kahnweiler


Great podcast with important topics and knowledgeable guests.  Part of my weekly routine.

Hope for the Introvert

Coach                            Guest Blogger

Daisy is an introvert champion, blogging fabulous insights and coaching introverts around the world to become more socially confident.

Daisy Simonis

Blog                                       Blog Host

Pre-eminent blog for all topics introversion.  

Jennifer Granneman

Book                               Guest Blogger

Great tips for introverted leaders and parents to tap your strengths in a wide variety of situations.

Dr. Ty Belknap

Author, Podcast

            Podcast Host & Guest Blogger

Introverts Talking Business podcast and Introvertology blog are homes to great stories and inspiration.


Personal Development



Book               Endorser, Guest Blogger

Norma is the preeminent voice for authenticity in America.  She hosts an ongoing interactive learning program which has been life-changing for me.

Norma T. Hollis

Educator       Guest Blogger, Blog Host

Rebecca has such a beautiful view on education, pairing her care, passion, and community to bring a unique hands-on approach to learning.

Rebecca Weiner

Social Worker                 Guest Blogger

Sue shared her personal knowledge of introversion and empathy with her professional expertise to broaden our understanding of personality traits.

Sue Morton

Learn more at Psychology Today


Another life-changing read.  All that shame and guilt we've been conditioned to bear is exchanged for a sense of vulnerability and pride.

Brene Brown


Inspiring you to speak your truth with grace and live a courageous life of authenticity.

Be You Find Happy

Blog                Endorser, Guest Blogger

Blaise shares such a personal story of torment, determination, and success.  He provided a deep look into my own mother's agoraphobia.

Blaise Dismer

Available on Amazon

Educator                        Guest Blogger

Dr. Karen Bluth reminds us that

Self-compassion is such a forgotten art.  She masterfully teaches us with stories and tips.

Dr. Karen Bluth

Educator                        Guest Blogger

Jean shares her amazing story of unschooling her kids as she completes her book, perfect for others considering non-traditional schooling.

Jean Nunnally


Great workbook to learn how to care for yourself.  Very introspective guide.

Cheryl Richardson


An inspiring podcast sharing stories and inspiration to explore your authenticity through mindfulness.

Secular Buddhism Podcast

Book              Guest Blogger, Blog Host

I just love Mari's message.  She is so passionate about the power of journaling.  She has great stories and tips.  I wholeheartedly believe!

Mari McCarthy

Author/Coach                 Guest Blogger

Gill Hasson has written more than 25 books on the subject of wellbeing for adults and children including several impactful titles on mindfulness.

Gill Hasson


Must read!  This book will turn your world upside down.  Learn how to shed your need to compare ourselves to others and just be our best self!

Kristin Neff

Coach     Podcast Host, Guest Blogger

Kim's views and solutions for impostor syndrome certainly resonate with many introverts today.

Kim Meninger

Podcast                            Podcast Host

Saffire Legal hosts a wide range of topics for employees and employers to help improve ideas and engagement.

Workplace Perspectives Podcast

Book                               Guest Blogger

My friend writes a wonderful memoir for Ed Levine.  He was not supposed to be around so long but he makes the most of it.  He's an inspiring survivor.

Rona Rose Train


I really respect Laymon's courage in sharing a bit of his life.  It's great insight into a challenging world.

Kiese Laymon


Not the typical book I'd read.  And that's what made it so compelling.  Great insight into another culture which made me contemplate my own.

Charlamagne Tha God


A very personal story, way beyond the Smokey & the Bandit and Flying Nun I grew up with.  Lots of surprises.  I was rooting for her all along.

Sally Field

Available on Amazon

Blog                                         Endorser

A unique perspective on life.  What if you had one year to live.  What would you do differently, to make the most of your choices and relationships?

Roger Leslie

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Chee writes a memoir about the challenges of being gay in the modern era - the distance we've come and the strides we still have to go.

Alexander Chee


Trauma hits her family on an airplane and her story of care and survival is shattering.  How would I have handled such chaos?  True love emerges.

Allison Pataki


Kylie-Anne's story is so raw!  She was dealt such a bad hand.  All her choices are not pure, but she proves time and again she is a survivor!

Kylie-Anne Evans

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Book                                        Endorser

Kenneth may have been a starving artist, but his path to survive through unique jobs and the people he meets and places he goes is captivating.

Kenneth Rosenberg


Great insight into the difficulties of mid-centruy African Americans.  Her story is revealing and thought-provoking. 

Alice Walker


As a writer and past runner and distance cycler, I can definitely relate to Murakami's story.

Haruki Murakami


A shameless plug for my own memoir which traces years of struggles with introversion at home and work before finding my true self!

Steve Friedman



Book         Launch Party, Guest Blogger

OK, I loved this book.  Deborah speaks from the heart, sharing personal stories to spark thoughts about today's racial tensions. 

Deborah D.E.E.P. Mouton

Books                              Guest Blogger

Jacqueline Jeynes has written a wide variety of inviting nonfiction from traveling to company safety and risk mgmt has well as peg loom weaving!

Jacqueline Jeynes

Blog                                  Launch Party

"Beautifully written...Catts brings together tragedy and blessings with her talented writing."  -Romantic Times Book Reviews

Margo Catts


On Monday I always listen to this podcast.  Often forgotten insights into an event in history this week.

History This Week


Book                                 Launch Party

"The Call Faithful a contemporary novel. Ken is bullied into a prank which results in long-term repercussions." -

Jim JMA Ziegler


What an awesome podcast.  Each is an informative 30-60 minute session focusing on each US presidents personality & leadership ​skills.

Presidential Podcast



Book                       Endorser, Blog Host

Stephanie is the preeminent voice for nonfiction authors.  Her book is a map for every indie authorpreneur.

Stephanie Chandler

Book                                Guest Blogger

If you are shy or introverted and enjoy writing too, this is the book for you.  Clark details how to use strengths to get your voice off the page.

C. Hope Clark

Book                      Endorser, Blog Host 

A perfect guide for marketing your nonfiction, self-published book.  As founder/CEO of Nonfiction Authors Association, Stephanie shares lots!

Stephanie Chandler


All authors eventually need to market if they want to get their message out there and want some sales.  This book  teaches you how to do both.

Lauren Sapala


"Renowned author and writing instructor Berg interweaves the story of her own journey bestselling novelist with encouraging advice."

Elizabeth Berg


This is a timeless resource filled with tips and resources.  No need to pay double for more recent version when this will fill your brain.

Robert Lee Brewer

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Don't wait until your manuscript is done to check this podcast out.  Lots of tips and resources to wade through the publishing and marketing steps.

The Self Publishing Show

Blog                Endorser, Guest Blogger

Mike provides a simple, easy to read, but comprehensive book of steps to self-publish.  A must have.

Mike Kowis

Book                                        Endorser

Roger bundles his extensive experience writing & publishing fiction & nonfiction to offer a comprehensive book for all aspiring authors.

Roger Leslie

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A favorite book with tips and guidelines for writing your memoir. Covers preparation, writing techniques, style, and editing. 

Adair Lara


Must read for Indie publishers.  Full of legal info that everyone should/must  know.  You'll be sure to read and reference often!

Helen Sedwick


"Master memoirist" Mary Karr weaves her storied life with her writing expertise to share surprising insights and instructive blueprints. 

Mary Karr



Joanna Penn shares her vulnerability and expertise as an Indie writer of fiction and nonfiction.  Full of ideas for every writer.  One of my favorites.

The Creative Penn


Helpful tips and interesting guests brought to you by IngramSpark, the largest worldwide book distributor.

Go Publish Yourself

Ghost Writer                   Guest Blogger

Alicia offers a unique perspective as a successful introverted salesperson who now ghostwrites business books.

Alicia Dale

Book                      Endorser, Blog Host

Another easy to read, must-have book for Indie authors that demystifies the challenge of book marketing.  Quick read that remains on my desktop!

Mike Kowis


Joanna Penn is has a great website and podcast.  This book is a critical comprehensive guide, especially for Indie nonfiction writers. 

Joanna Penn


Magical words of wisdom from one of the greatest authors of our time.

Stephen King


One of the first books I read about writing.  Zinsser is a classic resource for every writer.  Start here!

William Zinsser


Loads of information for the Indie writer.  Just be sure to filter all the ideas based on your objectives, skills, and comfort zone.

The Marketing Book Podcast


It was very helpful to listen to a social media/marketing podcast outside the writing world.  Useful tips & ideas.

Social Media Marketing


Indie Pub Services

Services                                  Blog Host

Every writer needs a home base.  This is the ultimate home for nonfiction writers.  Resources, discounts, conferences, local meetings & more!

NonFiction Authors Association


Max and Hollowdeck Press provide amazing coaching, editing, conferences, and resources for writers from novice to expert.

Hollowdeck Press/Max Regan


Gwen pairs her expert interior formatting with Cathi's covers to bring a seamless design crew.  They work great together to deliver the best!

Be a Purple Penguin/Gwen Gades


Authors Marketing Guild provides unique, cost effective marketing for every author.  Great publicity, conference, sales shop and radio!

Authors Marketing Guild


Roger offers caring coaching and editing as well as selective hybrid publishing options for inspirational works.

Paradise Publishing/Roger Leslie

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Laura offers content and line editing so critical toward delivering a professional book you'll be proud of.

Laura Roberts Creative Services

 Services                         Guest Blogger

Renee and her Fastsigns team are ready to meet your every need for marketing information (banners, signs, bookmarks, & biz cards) nationwide.

Fastsigns Orlando/Renee Friedman


Cathi brings her creativity and resourcefulness to help you create the eye-catching book cover you've been dreaming of.

Book Cover Express/Cathi Stevenson