Introverts are well-equipped to be great leaders.  Many inherent strengths help form strong and cohesive teams.  Our Introvert Leadership Quiz helps to assess how you are leveraging your own strengths and mindsets in the workplace.  

All respondents instantly receive their score and a report which includes 12 Tips and how to grow and use your skills based on your responses and scores.

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Introverts should leverage our strengths to be successful and happy, rather than comparing our qualities with the more outspoken extrovert world or hide behind a mask of traits we think are expected of us.


The first step is to identify your superpowers.  This custom report will list your strengths based on your quiz answers, describe each key strength, and offer suggestions on how you can grow and utilize those inherent traits. This Passport can open new worlds of happiness and success for you.  Start here...

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16 Personalities Assessment

16 Personalities offers another simple and quick quiz:

  • Simple questions taking less than 12 minutes to complete with immediate results.

  • Results summarized on 5 traits that help identify our personality - who we are.


  1. Mind- determines how we interact with our environment on an Extrovert-Introvert scale (my results: 96% Introvert)

  2. Energy- shows where we direct our mental energy on an Intuitive-Sensing scale (my results: 77% Sensing)

  3. Nature- determines how we make decisions and cope with emotions on a Thinking-Feeling scale (my results: 54% Thinking)

  4. Tactics- reflects our approach to work, planning and decision-making on a Judging-Prospecting scale (my results: 78% Judging)

  5. Identity- underpins all others, showing how confident we are in our abilities and decisions on an Assertive-Turbulent scale (my results: 64% Turbulent)

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VIA Character Strengths Survey

VIA Character Strengths Survey

  • Simple questions taking less than 10 minutes with immediate results.

  • Results provide a list of characteristics from greatest strength to, one could say, greatest weakness.


My Top 10 Strengths:

Honesty, Love of Learning, Humility, Hope, Prudence, Self-Regulation, Judgment, Teamwork, Perseverance, and Humor.

My Bottom 5 Gaps:

Social Intelligence, Spirituality, Bravery, Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, and Fairness.