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600+ Introvert Quiz Results Quite Revealing

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Introverts Offer Unique Strengths to the World

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It's an exciting time for introverts. Many are discovering their strengths and embracing their true self. Others are on a path of learning and empowerment.

To commemorate Beyond Introversion's one-year anniversary in July , I offered a quick, confidential Introvert Superpower Quiz with personalized results to our loyal audience and prospective readers. I am thrilled to say we've now had over 600 respondents take the quiz and dive into their own reports!

Introverts everywhere are going "Beyond Introversion." Rather than succumb to painful stereotypes, introverts are learning about their strengths, standing tall, and going beyond!

The responses provided very concrete results which I am pleased to now share. I hope this recap, along with everyone's customized results, will provide insight on your strongest traits, and how to grow and use them to bring your voice into the social hall and the meeting room.

All 32 questions contributed to a scoring system reflecting 8 introvert superpowers.

Enough of the small print, let's see the trends!

  • Most dominant strengths- far and away, most respondents were very strong on these two traits

-Planner: organized, taskmaster, structured; prepare for your meetings and socials

-Observant: listener, perceptive, attentive; be patient and gather info and thoughts

  • Common strengths- these strengths were quite evident for most respondents

-Thoughtful: empathetic, considerate, kind; focus on others during engagements

-Learner: curious, student, teacher; learning the background provides context

-Loyalist: team player, supportive; develop deep bonds w/family, friends, coworkers

-Creative: innovative, intuitive, artistic; the world needs your new ideas & talents

  • Unique strengths- perhaps as expected, fewer respondents scored in these areas

-Resilient: measured, balanced, in-control; calmly, patiently consider all angles

-Sociable: personable, outgoing, friendly; focus on tighter bonds w/ small circle

Though there are defined trends, what is also clear is that everyone is different. Certainly, introverts are generally different from extroverts (though our post last week stands to challenge that notion), but each introvert is different from each other. In fact, despite collecting a large sample size, no two sets of responses are the same!

Are You a Schmoozer or a Freelancer?

While it may not be surprising that "Sociable" was the lowest scoring strength, 10% of respondents had "sociable" as one of their top 4 superpowers. Let's dub this group "The Schmoozers." Meanwhile, 55% of respondents had "sociable" as one of their bottom 2 superpowers. Let's label this group "The Freelancers" because they are more independent than the average respondent. It's quite interesting to compare the 8 superpower strengths between these two groups, the Freelancer and the Schmoozers:

Freelancers: these skills were significantly more dominant than for Schmoozers.




Freelancers should focus on growing their planning, organizing, and listening skills and lean on their intuition while also tapping creative hobbies to re-energize during the day.

Schmoozers: these skills were considerably more dominant than for Freelancers.



Schmoozers should focus on loyalty, personal bonding, and re-energizing with their confidantes.