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Podcasts for Introverts & by Introverts

Tips to be a podcast guest

PLUS: Enjoy some amazing podcasts too!

Learning is one of the most common strengths for introverts. We often are avid readers, observers, and researchers. The recent explosion of podcasts enables us to hear most anything while we are on the go exercising, commuting, or just resting our eyes.

I found many helpful podcasts in my writing and publishing journey. But I certainly never expected I'd actually be on a podcast until an online book shop, B4R-Books for Readers, invited me on to the Indie Beacon Radio Show about a year and a half ago.

As a shy introvert, my anxiety said "hell no!", but my ambition said "yes." Thankfully, ambition won over and I signed up. I must have reviewed my notes and practiced topics for weeks leading up to the 30-minute taping.

I'm not sure that the first show was a great oratory performance, but I was beaming. I'm finding (unfortunately😉 ) the hardest things in life bring the greatest rewards. In this case, my pride and self-confidence shot up. I also basked in the hope that dozens or perhaps hundreds will hear about my journey about introversion in hopes of helping others accelerate their journey to embrace their own introversion.

It was at that moment of weakness, swept up by the euphoria of personal triumph, that I began researching other podcasts and pitching to be a guest. Each time I clicked send, I got both nervous and excited.

I've joined 19 podcasts thus far, and can certainly exclaim the hosts do an amazing job. They dedicate dozens of hours each week lining up guests, preparing their questions, ensuring a smooth and comfortable show, and editing and releasing often a show a week or more - all for free to the listener and guest.

As an introvert, mindset is critical to our success. I've convinced myself this is just a one-on-one discussion with the host. I know my topics and see the podcast as a chance to connect with others in a much more comfortable, targeted and efficient way than say bookstore speaking.

If you are interested in being a guest, here are 9 simple guidelines:

  1. Consider what topic(s) you'd like to share

  2. Find podcasts around that topic (via Google, iTunes, or other podcast platforms)

  3. Listen to some episodes to sense if your topic fits and if you will feel comfortable with the host and structure.

  4. Send a brief email sharing your topic, how it will appeal to their audience, and some of your credentials - author, frequent podcaster, areas of expertise

  5. Follow up 1-2 times if you don't hear anything

  6. Never pay to be on a podcast - it's exposure for you and great info for their audience

  7. When scheduled, prepare and practice your topic and any standard questions the podcaster may ask

  8. After the podcast, send a thank you, post on your website, share through your social media

  9. Continue to seek podcasts that can share your message and build your confidence

I'm realizing several personal benefits that far outweigh the natural anxiety and apprehension:

  1. Practice my message that introverts are on a journey to understand and embrace their strengths, a journey that leads to contentment and flourishing

  2. Engage with audiences that are interested in my message

  3. Meet wonderful hosts with interesting stories of their own

  4. Gain a tremendous sense of pride and self-confidence every time I complete a show

As the release of my second book, The Corporate Introvert: How to Lead and Thrive with Confidence, approaches, I'm preparing a podcast tour for the fall to share stories and tips for other corporate introverts.

If you are a fellow writer, consider how podcasting may be part of your own outreach program. If you are a podcast listener, check out these amazing shows. You can find all their episodes by clicking on the link below or by querying on iTunes, YouTube, and elsewhere. You can find my episode with each on my website.

Self-Reflection (l-r)

Noble Knights HS

Business Leadership (l-r)

Author Platforms (l-r)

My episodes on each of these podcasts can be found on my website!

Pick a few of these wonderful podcasts to check out for your next commute or neighborhood walk.

Each share magnificent stories, engaging Q&A exchange, and insightful information for your own journey.

Thank you to each one of my podcast hosts. I hope it's been as informative for your audience as it has been enlightening for me.



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