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TO: Managers / FROM: Introverts

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Redefining the introvert's role in the workplace

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TO: Managers

FROM: Introverts

You may have noticed that I appear a bit different, more reserved than many others on the team. I would like to take this opportunity to share some points about me that might surprise you:

I do like people! I may not be the loudest or the most engaging person in the room, but I do enjoy time with other people. I prefer the time in short segments and with smaller groups of people.

It's nothing personal! My energy does drain during the day, especially from extended social interactions. I just need to recharge periodically. Sometimes I need a walk around the office or campus or grab lunch by myself to reenergize.

I am ambitious! I have career goals and aspirations. I may seem reticent, but I love to deliver. I take pride in my work, I want to succeed, and I want to progress. Please judge me for my accomplishments, not for my verbosity or vibrato.

I love to contribute! I don't usually jump into debates or have a quick-handed comment, but I want to contribute. For me, I pride myself in preparation. I need to prepare for meetings, strategy sessions, and conferences. That's why I book meetings on my calendar. So I can do my homework, consider all sides of an issue, and come ready to bring valuable perspectives and recommendations to the table.

I will make a great leader one day! Leaders are not just the ones that know everyone and command the room. I am great at getting to know my teammates one-on-one over time. I plan and strategize. I am resilient under pressure and don't have the ego that gets in the way of asking questions or soliciting help. And perhaps most of all, I am empathetic to others and leverage the strength of everyone to form cohesive teams that deliver great value. All I ask is for the opportunity to learn and have a chance to lead.