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Don't Let This Thanksgiving Gobble You Up!

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

An Introvert's Poem to Surviving & Thriving During the Holidays

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Holidays can be a stressful time for nearly everyone. Survival, not to mention enjoyment, for introverts can be especially tricky.

Here's a few tips that rhyme to help you have a better time.

Thanksgiving is my favorite time in all the year

But I must be balanced to enjoy family cheer.

We are all ready to stuff ourselves with plenty of foul

And sit back watching some football with a scream and a howl.

We get a big scoop of cranberry sauce and chunky stuffing

Saving room for the green bean casserole and cornbread muffin.

If your custom is to share at the table all your thanks

Plan your points in advance to avoid the aggravating angst.

To top if off could be pumpkin or pecan pie a la mode

Then we're sure to spend hours in line for the family commode.

My dad, sisters, and I used to lie on the floor to digest

Rolling in misery, barely able to move I must confess.

Finally picking myself up from the overeating floor

I escape with my journal to write behind close door.

Later, it's great to catch up with parents and kids

Uncles and aunts and siblings a smidge.

But endless chitchat can become a bit too much...

Us introverts must be careful not to let the holiday gobble us up.

It's really okay to carve out some down time

To relax and renew so we can return to shine.

Find a comfortable, cozy little nook

And enjoy a chapter of your favorite book.

Go for a walk to stretch legs and mind

It's one of the best ways to refresh that you will find.