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Getting to Know You...

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Two Quick, Free & Private Surveys to Learn About Yourself

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In my own experience, to become happier and more confident, I first had to learn about be more aware of who I am. To help the process along, I discovered two different sources of information.

It's time to get to know ourselves!

16 Personalities

  • Simple questions taking less than 12 minutes to complete with immediate results.

  • Results summarized on 5 traits that help identify our personality - who we are.

  1. Mind- determines how we interact with our environment on an Extrovert-Introvert scale (my results: 96% Introvert)

  2. Energy- shows where we direct our mental energy on an INtuitive-Sensing scale (my results: 77% Sensing)

  3. Nature- determines how we make decisions and cope with emotions on a Thinking-Feeling scale (my results: 54% Thinking)

  4. Tactics- reflects our approach to work, planning and decision-making on a Judging-Prospecting scale (my results: 78% Judging)

  5. Identity- underpins all others, showing how confident we are in our abilities and decisions on an Assertive-Turbulent scale (my results: 64% Turbulent)

I'm an ISTJ-T. I'm an introvert who is pragmatic, organized, and needs to gather and evaluate data to make the best decisions. I'm humble, sometimes to the point of low self esteem. I've known these traits in my 50's, but these would have been powerful observations and clues for my own self discovery at an early age. If you are still searching for your identity, take this survey today.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

VIA 24 Strengths Profile

  • Simple questions taking less than 10 minutes with immediate results.

  • Results provide a list of characteristics from greatest strength to, one could say, greatest weakness.

Top 10 Strengths: Honesty, Love of Learning, Humility, Hope, Prudence, Self-Regulation, Judgment, Teamwork, Perseverance, and Humor.

Bottom 5 Gaps: Social Intelligence, Spirituality, Bravery, Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, and Fairness.

It's helpful to know who we are. Only then can we realize we are not alone, we are not "broken". We can take that comfort and learn more about the power of introversion. The strength survey helps reveal our strengths, so we can expand them and leverage them. It's also important to know our weaknesses, not necessarily to try to "fix" them but to be aware and find others on your family or work "team" to help fill the gaps.

Introvert's Call to Action:

Take less than 30 minutes to help get to know yourself. It's hard for us to learn and grow without first identifying who we are.

NEXT WEEK: "OK, I'm an Introvert. Now What???"