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"Steve's ability to articulate introversion in a positive light is awesome!"

Amy Dix

Two-Time Bestselling Author, Podcast Host of Happiest Places to Work

Book Reviews

The Corporate Introvert:
How to Lead and Thrive with Confidence


TCI Launch Team

Launch Team,

Thanks so much for supporting launch of The Corporate Introvert. I know you are busy so this page is provided to shortcut the process of providing reviews and sharing the TCI book launch.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to me at or on my cell  281-785-9884.


Thanks again for helping to spread the message of empowerment to introverts around the world.

1. Please leave a review on


    Our Amazon page is now live. You may now leave an Amazon review HERE. Please leave your review on or soon after our launch date of October 6th.



2. Share your support with your friends & family


    It means so much that you have offered to share my book launch with your friends & family. The best marketing tool for books is word of mouth, so thanks for spreading the word with your email list and social media contacts.


    The best comments you can leave with your network are your own. I don't want to be presumptuous, however, if you want a bit of help or speed, here are some prepared remarks. Please feel free to copy and paste any of these, modify them, or provide your own.

JUST READ:  Hello friends, I just read my copy of The Corporate Introvert. It's packed with models and strategies for today's introverts. Get your copy today! Amazon Link

GUIDEBOOK: Hi folks, My friend Steve Friedman has just published his book, The Corporate Introvert. It's a great guide to help every introvert succeed in the corporate world. Check it out here!

DESKTOP: I learned so much reading The Corporate Introvert. Now it sits on my desktop as an easy reference to navigate meetings, relationships, networking, and leadership. Get your copy here today!


BIG DIFFERENCE: Hi friends, I'm excited to share the book, The Corporate Introvert, with you. It's sure to make a huge difference for any introvert working in the corporate world. Check it out here!

I HELPED: Check out my friend's book here, The Corporate Introvert. I (endorsed, reviewed, helped edit...) the book for Steve and it's a great book for any introvert. Highly recommended!

PERFECT: Hi friends, Just what I was looking for - a book to help introverts navigate the corporate world and be a better leader. Grab a copy here of The Corporate Introvert today!

LIFE-CHANGING: Friends, you are going to want your copy of The Corporate Introvert. It can change your life!

NEW LEADERS: As a new leader at (your company), The Corporate Introvert has really empowered me to lead MY WAY! Highly recommended.

VETERAN: As a veteran leader at (your company), The Corporate Introvert was eye-opening and will help me lead my way. I loved the models and stories. Grab a copy here today!

COLLEGE: I'd recommend The Corporate Introvert to any college student thinking of working in the corporate world. It will help ease your transition and set you up for success!

EXTROVERT: I don't consider myself an introvert, but I learned so much about authenticity and how to lead in the corporate world from The Corporate Introvert. Buy a copy here for the introvert in your life or for the extrovert who wants to learn more.


Images are always a great way to attract attention. You can certainly copy any of these images below and paste into your emails and posts.

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